4 Port Controller Charger Stand With For PlayStation 4 PS4

4 Port Controller Charger Stand With For PlayStation 4 PS4
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If you are searching for a premium quality PlayStation 4 accessory, you have come to the right place.

This is a stylish and good perfomance PlayStation 4 gaming companion with features to fulfill your entertainment and gaming desires.

It offers value for money, and is ideal for your everyday PS4 gaming experience.

We offer an extended 6 months warranty for your peace of mind.


PS4 Controller Charger Stand with 4 Charger PortProduct size: 112*154*160mm

Weight: 100g

Material: environmental ABS

Light: no indicator light

Additional features: bring 2 usb ports

Package size: 156*116*66mm

Packing list: seat charge +4 terminals + charging line + color box

Packing quantity: 60pcs/box

Packing weight: 8.2kg

Packing size: 71*33*37cm

Input voltage: DC5V/1000MA

Output voltage: DC5V/ 500-1000ma

Charging time: 2-4h

Brand: patented brand products

Product features: when charging, the handle should be protected without direct contact with the handle

3. Product description

1. When the ps4 handle is put into the charging bracket, please load it in the correct direction.

2. If you want to clean the charging bracket, wipe it with dry cloth, not with chemical solvent.

3. Don't put the charging bracket with metal objects.

4. Do not use microwave or external heating equipment to dry the charging bracket.

5. Please do not place this charging bracket in direct sunlight or humid place.

6. Do not separate the charging bracket privately.

Before placing your order with us, please carefully compare the images with your current item to make sure they are the same and you are ordering the correct item.

Package includes:

1 x PS4 Controller Charger Stand with 4 Charger Port�

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