400Aaa Blu Ray Drive Main Board For PlayStation 3 PS3

400Aaa Blu Ray Drive Main Board For PlayStation 3 PS3
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PS3 400AAA Blu-Ray Drive Main Board

This is a complete replacement blu-ray drive mainboard for PS3 consoles. With the controller chips dying such as the BD and BA chips these boards can be an ideal solution for repair guys that wish to strip the parts needed for repair on other boards, but can also be used as a total board replacement for a single drive if the problem with an board can�t be diagnosed or repaired.

The NAND firmware chip is located under the main processor chip on the drive board, we have made a photo below that shows you where it is located.� Most people are not flashing right now and just removing the NAND from the old board and having it soldered to this new one. With the price of the complete board being so close to the BD controller IC itself, it can be a good idea to go this way as every single component will be new, which means if there was anything else wrong with the old drive board apart from the common problem being the BD controller IC, you will have it covered, but with saying that a lot of even the professional repair guys will need to send the boards away to a specialist workshop to have the NAND removed and replaced which will raise the cost of the service of course.

�(Please note like the Xbox 360 these drive boards will either need to be flashed with the firmware from the old board you are replacing, or you can remove the NAND firmware chip from the old board that holds the drive key and solder it to this new one. Like the single BD chips on sale, removing the NAND chip should only be attempted by professionals that have removed surface mounted BGA IC�s before, it�s not something the novice should attempt and even most professionals will need to send the boards away to have the BGA removed and replaced.)


The chips used on the Blu-Ray drive that comes with the Playstation 3 are the following:

Main controller (DSP, Digital Signal Processor): Sony CXD5065

Secondary controller (FEP, Front End Processor): Sony CXA2720

Motor driver (1): Rohm BA5888FP, used to drive the motors.

Motor driver (2): Rohm BD7956FS, used to drive the motors.

Flash ROM: Spansion S29AL008D (8 Mbit, 1 MB), used to store the drive�s firmware.

RAM (buffer): ESMT M12L64164A-7TG (64 Mbit, 8 MB), so this unit has an 8 MB buffer.


SONY PlayStation 3 PS3 60GB console : CECHA00,CECHA01,CECHA06,CECHA07,CECHA12


SONY PlayStation 3 PS3 20GB console:


SONY PlayStation 3 PS3 80GB console:


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Package includes:

1 x 400Aaa Blu Ray Drive Main Board For PlayStation 3 PS3

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