Controller Charge Station For PlayStation 3 PS3

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Controller Charge Station For PlayStation 3 PS3
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If you are searching for a premium quality PlayStation 3 accessory, you have come to the right place.

This is a stylish and good perfomance PlayStation 3 PS3 gaming companion with features to fulfill your entertainment and gaming experience.

It offers value for money, and is ideal for your everyday PS3 gaming desires.

We offer an extended 6 months warranty for your peace of mind.


PS3 Controller charger station


1.������ It uses to charge controller for ps3 game console.

2.������ It can be charged for two controller grips at the same time.

3.������ No need outer electrical power supply, using USB interface of ps3 console directly.

4.������ It has beautiful and exquisite appearance , be convenient to furnish and use.

Using steps

1.������ Turn on the power of ps3 console , after the console turned into normal using programs, plug one pin of USB cable into USB slot of ps3 console ,another pin plug into charge station USB motherboard ,then there will be blue light beams around the bottom of charge station.

2.������ Plug the controller to the charge station ,press the �RESET� to power on ,wait for 3-5 seconds ,the four indication lights of ps3 will glisten simultaneously, it means ps3 controller is charging ,attention: To charge a ps3 controller, it is no need pressing the �RESET� button .If the four indication lights of ps3 show no response, it means this product is defected the maximum charging electric current is 300MA,when two ps3 controllers is charging iat the same time ,the maximum charging electric current is 420MA for there is a electric current limit inside.

Before placing your order, please make sure that this item is compatible with your device.

Please compare your item, model and physical appearance with the images before placing your order. Thank you.

Package includes:

1 x Controller Charge Station For PlayStation 3 PS3

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