L2 R2 Extended Triggers For PlayStation PS 4 Controller-White&Red

L2 R2 Extended Triggers For PlayStation PS 4 Controller-White&Red
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If you are searching for a premium quality PlayStation 4 accessory, you have come to the right place.

This is a stylish and good perfomance PlayStation 4 gaming companion with features to fulfill your entertainment and gaming desires.

It offers value for money, and is ideal for your everyday PS4 gaming experience.

We offer an extended 6 months warranty for your peace of mind.


Compatibility CUH-: Check the second picture of the listing before purchase. You need to take apart your PS4 controller and check the mainboard CUH-. This product is compatible with PS4 controller JDM-001 JDM-011 JDM-040 JDM-050 JDM-055. It does not fit JDM-020 and JDM-030

Increase Speed: Makes it fairly easy to hit the L2 and R2 buttons, increases the button response for games, makes you shoot insanely fast

Comfortable Feel: Perfect for people with big hands; Rest your fingers; Helps with trigger grip and ergonomics

Easy click on and never come off.

Get installation video guide on Youtube by searching "Extremerate PS4 Pro Trigger Extender"

Great Addition: Makes your controller stand out from the crowd; Great smooth triggers, soft in finger and feels silky; Anti slip, sweat free for a long period game playing

Before placing your order with us, please carefully compare the images with your current item to make sure they are the same and you are ordering the correct item.

Package includes:

1 x PS4 Controller R2 Extended Trigger

1 x PS4 Controller L2 Extended Trigger

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