Laptop Battery For HP Pavilion dm3-1000 dv4-3100 HSTNN-E02C HSTNN-DB0L

Laptop Battery For HP Pavilion dm3-1000 dv4-3100 HSTNN-E02C HSTNN-DB0L
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HP Laptop Battery,

Replacement Battery for HP Pavilion dm3 CTO dm3-1000 dv4-3100 HSTNN-E02C HSTNN-DB0L



1. Our batteries are manufactured to the highest standards to power up your laptop for a long period of time without having to charge the laptop frequently.
2. We source from suppliers with over 10 years of experience to make sure we are supplying you, our valued customer the best battery ensuring your absolute peace of mine.
3. Using advanced cell technology and quality parts, the Notebook Laptop Battery guarantees the stamina you need for long work sessions and travel.
4. Manufactured to the highest quality standards available, our notebook Laptop Battery will enhance the performance of your laptop.
5. Our notebook laptop Battery is powered by high quality cells and are premium quality Lithium ion batteries.
6. Our replacement laptop batteries are manufactured to OEM specifications ensuring the operational stability of your valued laptop.Features


Type:                     Li-ion battery
Number of Cells:6
Voltage:               11.1V
Capacity:             57WH

Compatible Part Numbers:

538692-251, 538692-351, 538692-541, 577093-001, 580686-001, 644184-001, FD06,

Compatible models:

HP Pavilion dm3-dm3t-1000 CTO,
HP Pavilion dm3-dm3z-1000 CTO
HP Pavilion dm3 Series
Pavilion dm3a, Pavilion dm3i, Pavilion dm3t,
Pavilion dm3t-1000, Pavilion dm3z, Pavilion dm3z-1000
HP Pavilion dm3-1000 Series
Pavilion dm3-1001AU, Pavilion dm3-1001AX, Pavilion dm3-1001au,
Pavilion dm3-1001ax, Pavilion dm3-1002TU, Pavilion dm3-1002tu,
Pavilion dm3-1003AX, Pavilion dm3-1003TX, Pavilion dm3-1003ax,
Pavilion dm3-1003tx, Pavilion dm3-1005ax, Pavilion dm3-1005tu,
Pavilion dm3-1005tx, Pavilion dm3-1006au, Pavilion dm3-1006ax,
Pavilion dm3-1006tx, Pavilion dm3-1007au, Pavilion dm3-1007ax,
Pavilion dm3-1007tu, Pavilion dm3-1008EG, Pavilion dm3-1008eg,
Pavilion dm3-1008tu, Pavilion dm3-1009ax, Pavilion dm3-1009tu,
Pavilion dm3-1010EL, Pavilion dm3-1010EW, Pavilion dm3-1010ax,
Pavilion dm3-1010ea, Pavilion dm3-1010eb, Pavilion dm3-1010ed,
Pavilion dm3-1010eew, Pavilion dm3-1010eg, Pavilion dm3-1010ej,
Pavilion dm3-1010el, Pavilion dm3-1010eo, Pavilion dm3-1010ev,
Pavilion dm3-1010tx, Pavilion dm3-1011TU, Pavilion dm3-1011TX,
Pavilion dm3-1011tu, Pavilion dm3-1011tx, Pavilion dm3-1012AX,
Pavilion dm3-1012ax, Pavilion dm3-1012tx, Pavilion dm3-1013AX,
Pavilion dm3-1013ax, Pavilion dm3-1013tx, Pavilion dm3-1014TU,
Pavilion dm3-1014TX, Pavilion dm3-1014tu, Pavilion dm3-1014tx,
Pavilion dm3-1015ax, Pavilion dm3-1015eo, Pavilion dm3-1015tu,
Pavilion dm3-1016AX, Pavilion dm3-1016TX, Pavilion dm3-1016ax,
Pavilion dm3-1016tx, Pavilion dm3-1017tx, Pavilion dm3-1018tx,
Pavilion dm3-1019AX, Pavilion dm3-1019TX, Pavilion dm3-1019ax,
Pavilion dm3-1019tx, Pavilion dm3-1020CA, Pavilion dm3-1020EA,
Pavilion dm3-1020EG, Pavilion dm3-1020ax, Pavilion dm3-1020ca,
Pavilion dm3-1020ea, Pavilion dm3-1020eb, Pavilion dm3-1020ec,
Pavilion dm3-1020ed, Pavilion dm3-1020ef, Pavilion dm3-1020eo,
Pavilion dm3-1020er, Pavilion dm3-1021TX, Pavilion dm3-1021ax,
Pavilion dm3-1021tx, Pavilion dm3-1022TX, Pavilion dm3-1022ax,
Pavilion dm3-1022tx, Pavilion dm3-1023TX, Pavilion dm3-1023ca,
Pavilion dm3-1023tx, Pavilion dm3-1024CA, Pavilion dm3-1024ax,
Pavilion dm3-1024ca, Pavilion dm3-1025ez, Pavilion dm3-1025sa,
Pavilion dm3-1026tx, Pavilion dm3-1027TX, Pavilion dm3-1028TX,
Pavilion dm3-1028tx, Pavilion dm3-1030EG, Pavilion dm3-1030EI,
Pavilion dm3-1030SA, Pavilion dm3-1030US, Pavilion dm3-1030ea,
Pavilion dm3-1030ed, Pavilion dm3-1030ef, Pavilion dm3-1030eg,
Pavilion dm3-1030ei, Pavilion dm3-1030er, Pavilion dm3-1030sa,
Pavilion dm3-1030us, Pavilion dm3-1031TX, Pavilion dm3-1031tx,
Pavilion dm3-1032TX, Pavilion dm3-1032tx, Pavilion dm3-1033tx,
Pavilion dm3-1034tx, Pavilion dm3-1035DX, Pavilion dm3-1035dx,
Pavilion dm3-1035ef, Pavilion dm3-1035eo, Pavilion dm3-1035tx,
Pavilion dm3-1039WM, Pavilion dm3-1039wm, Pavilion dm3-1040EK,
Pavilion dm3-1040EV, Pavilion dm3-1040US, Pavilion dm3-1040ef,
Pavilion dm3-1040eg, Pavilion dm3-1040ei, Pavilion dm3-1040ek,
Pavilion dm3-1040eo, Pavilion dm3-1040ev, Pavilion dm3-1040ez,
Pavilion dm3-1040us, Pavilion dm3-1044NR, Pavilion dm3-1047CL,
Pavilion dm3-1047cl, Pavilion dm3-1048LA, Pavilion dm3-1048la,
Pavilion dm3-1050EE, Pavilion dm3-1050ee, Pavilion dm3-1050en,
Pavilion dm3-1050eo, Pavilion dm3-1050ep, Pavilion dm3-1050er,
Pavilion dm3-1050ss, Pavilion dm3-1053xx, Pavilion dm3-1055eo,
Pavilion dm3-1058NR, Pavilion dm3-1058nr, Pavilion dm3-1060EF,
Pavilion dm3-1060ea, Pavilion dm3-1060ef, Pavilion dm3-1060er,
Pavilion dm3-1060es, Pavilion dm3-1065eo, Pavilion dm3-1070EA,
Pavilion dm3-1070ES, Pavilion dm3-1070ea, Pavilion dm3-1070eo,
Pavilion dm3-1070es, Pavilion dm3-1075eo, Pavilion dm3-1080EF,
Pavilion dm3-1080ef, Pavilion dm3-1080es, Pavilion dm3-1090es
HP Pavilion dv4 Series
Pavilion dv4-3000, Pavilion dv4-3100, Pavilion dv4-3124tx

Package contains:

1 x Replacement battery
We advise you to carefully check the Part Number, Pictures and the compatibility before you buy any item!  Feel free to contact us if you are not quite sure about the item’s model no. If your item model number is not on the list, please send us your model number via our email address or whatsapp, and we will help you to find the one that will satisfy your needs

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