Laptop battery for Lenovo L14M2P23 E31-80 Replacement

Laptop battery for Lenovo L14M2P23 E31-80 Replacement
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Lenovo Laptop Battery,

Laptop battery for Lenovo L14M2P24 E31-80 Replacement

Battery Type: Li-ion

Voltage: 7.4V

Label Capacity: 4050mAh 30Wh

Color: Black

Product Type: Replacement Battery

Condition: Brand New, 'A' grade cells, 100% OEM Compatible!

Compatible Model Numbers:

E31-80, E31-80-IFI, E31-80-ISE, E31-80-ITH, U31, U31-70, U31-70(80M500A9GE), U31-70(80M500ADGE), U31-70(80M500AGGE), U31-70(80M500FLGE), U31-70(80M500FMGE), U31-70(80M500FSGE), U31-70(80M500FVGE), U31-70(80M5003CGE), U31-70(80M5003DGE), U31-70(80M5003EGE), U31-70(80M5006UGE), U31-70(80M5006WGE), U31-70(80M5006XGE), U31-70(80M5008KGE), U31-70-IFI, U31-70-ITH, U31-70A

Compatible Part Numbers:

L14L2P22, L14M2P23, L14M2P23, L14M2P24, L14S2P22

Package Contains:

1 x Lenovo L14M2P24 Repl battery

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