Modbo750 V1.99 For PlayStation 2 PS2

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Modbo750 V1.99 For PlayStation 2 PS2
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If you are searching for a premium quality PlayStation 2 accessory, you have come to the right place.

This is a stylish and good perfomance PlayStation 2 gaming companion with features to fulfill your entertainment and gaming experience.

It offers value for money, and is ideal for your everyday PS4 gaming desires.

Ideal for all PS2 enthusiasts!

We offer an extended 6 months warranty for your peace of mind.



-Modbo 750 is an excellent high quality budget modchip for Playstation 2

-Same as Modbo 4.0 (Old Version) but on white PCB Board

-Works very stable in new model SCPH79002 and SCPH77002

-Playstation 2 /PSX Original imports & DVD9 Original imports

-Playstation 2 /PSX Originals & DVD9 Originals

-Playstation2 DVD9 silver

-PS2 DVD Backups

-PS2/PSX CD-r Backups

-Ability to Disable the Chip

-Only 17 Wires To Install

-Modbo 4.0 Old with Laser fix / Modbo 4.0 New - no Laserfix

-Compatible with Gameshark and Action Replay

-Compatible with PS2 MediaPlayer 1.50 (DivX, Mp3, jpeg)

-One Chip Compatible with US: v1, v2, v3, v4, v5, v6, v7/v8, v9 and v10 Pal: v3, v4, v5, v6, v7/v8, v9, v10

-Compatible with- SCPH-30002, SCPH-35002, SCPH-39002, SCPH-50002, SCPH-39001, SCPH-50001

-Compatible with- SCPH-70002, SCPH-75002, SCPH-79002, SCPH-77002, SCPH-90001, SCPH-79001

-Compatible with SCPH 30001 SCPH 39001 SCPH 50001 SCPH 70001 SCPH 75001 SCPH 77001 SCPH 79001

Before placing your order, please check the images to see if they match your current item. Also make sure that the accessory is compatible with your device before placing your order. Thanks!

Package includes:

1 x Modbo750 V1.99 For PlayStation 2 PS2

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