NP03XL Replacement Laptop Battery For HP Pavilion X360 13-A010DX HSTNN-LB6L

NP03XL Replacement Laptop Battery For HP Pavilion X360 13-A010DX HSTNN-LB6L
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HP Laptop Battery,

Replacement NP03XL Laptop Battery For HP Pavilion X360 13-A010DX 13-A317CL x360 13a001au ENVY 15-U series

Technical Specifications

Chemistry: Li-ion

Voltage: 11.4V

Capacity: 43Wh


Color: Black

Compatible Part Number:











Compatible laptop Model:

For HP:

ENVY 15-U, Envy 15-u000, Envy 15-u000ew, Envy 15-u000nc, Envy 15-u000ns, Envy 15-u000nx, Envy 15-u001na, Envy 15-u001ng, Envy 15-u001nl, Envy 15-u002nf, Envy 15-u005no, ENVY 15-U010DX, Envy 15-u011dx, Envy 15-u025nd, Envy 15-u030nd, Envy 15-u032ng, Envy 15-U050CA, Envy 15-u050er, Envy 15-u050sr, Envy 15-u060nb, Envy 15-u060nz, Envy 15-u061nz, Envy 15-u070ng, Envy 15-u081na, Envy 15-u100, Envy 15-u100nc, Envy 15-u100ng, Envy 15-u100nr, Envy 15-u100nt, Envy 15-u100nx, Envy 15-u101ne, Envy 15-u101nf, Envy 15-u101nq, Envy 15-u102nk, Envy 15-u170nb, Envy 15-u171nz, Envy 15-u200, Envy 15-u200na, Envy 15-u200nc, Envy 15-u200ne, Envy 15-u200nf, Envy 15-u200ng, Envy 15-u200nq, Envy 15-u200ns, Envy 15-u200nu, Envy 15-u201na, Envy 15-u201nc, Envy 15-u201ne, Envy 15-u201nia, Envy 15-u201nq, Envy 15-u201nt, Envy 15-u202na, Envy 15-u202ne, Envy 15-u202nf, Envy 15-u202ni, Envy 15-u202nia, Envy 15-u202nv, Envy 15-u203na, Envy 15-u203nk, Envy 15-u205na, Envy 15-u209nx, Envy 15-u210nm, Envy 15-u210nw, Envy 15-u210nx, Envy 15-u211nw, Envy 15-u220nd, Envy 15-u220nw, Envy 15-u221nw, Envy 15-u230no, Envy 15-u231nd, Envy 15-u231no, Envy 15-u232nd, Envy 15-u240nd, Envy 15-u250ur, Envy 15-u252na, Envy 15-u252sa, Envy 15-u270nb, Envy 15-u270nz, Envy 15-u280nb, Envy 15-u280no, Envy 15-u287nb, Envy X360 15-U000EW, Envy X360 15-U000NA, Envy X360 15-U000NC, Envy X360 15-U000NS, Envy X360 15-U000NX, Envy X360 15-U001NA, Envy X360 15-U001NG, Envy X360 15-U001NL, Envy X360 15-U001XX, Envy X360 15-U002NF, Envy X360 15-U002XX, Envy X360 15-U005NO, ENVY x360 15-u010dx, ENVY x360 15-u011dx, Envy X360 15-U025ND, Envy X360 15-U030ND, Envy X360 15-U032NG, Envy X360 15-U050CA, Envy X360 15-U050ER, Envy X360 15-U050SR, Envy X360 15-U060NB, Envy X360 15-U060NZ, Envy X360 15-U061NZ, Envy X360 15-U070NB, Envy X360 15-U070NG, Envy X360 15-U081NA, Envy X360 15-U100NG, Envy X360 15-U100NR, Envy X360 15-U100NT, Envy X360 15-U100NX, Envy X360 15-U101NE, Envy X360 15-U101NQ, Envy X360 15-U101NS, Envy X360 15-U101NX, ENVY x360 15-u110dx, ENVY x360 15-u111dx, Envy X360 15-U111NF, ENVY x360 15-u170ca, Envy X360 15-U171NZ, Envy X360 15-U200NA, Envy X360 15-U200NC, Envy X360 15-U201NQ, Envy X360 15-U201NT, Envy X360 15-U202NA, Envy X360 15-U203NA, Envy X360 15-U203NK, Envy X360 15-U205NA, Envy X360 15-U209NX, Envy X360 15-U210NX, Envy X360 15-U231ND, Envy X360 15-U231NO, Envy X360 15-U232ND, Envy X360 15-U240ND, Envy X360 15-U250UR, Envy X360 15-U252NA, Envy X360 15-U252SA, Envy X360 15-U310NR, Envy X360 15-U337CL, Envy X360 15-U363CL, Envy X360 15-U399NR, Envy X360 15-U400, Envy X360 15-U410NR, Envy X360 15-U437CL, Envy X360 15-U473CL, Envy X360 15-U483CL, Envy X360 15-U493CL, Envy X360 15-U499NR, Pavilion 13-a000ns, Pavilion 13-a010dx, Pavilion 13-a058ca, Pavilion 13-b000no, Pavilion 13-b030nz, Pavilion 13-b080sa, Pavilion 13-b100, Pavilion 13-b100no, Pavilion 13-b100np, Pavilion 13-b100nt, Pavilion 13-b101nt, Pavilion 13-b104tu, Pavilion 13-b105tu, Pavilion 13-b106tu, Pavilion 13-b107tu, Pavilion 13-b108tu, Pavilion 13-b109tu, Pavilion 13-b110ns, Pavilion 13-b110tu, Pavilion 13-b170no, Pavilion 13-b200, Pavilion 13-b200nt, Pavilion X360, Pavilion X360 13-a000, Pavilion X360 13-A000EJ, Pavilion X360 13-a000nc, Pavilion X360 13-a000nc (G7Y27EA), Pavilion X360 13-a000ng, Pavilion X360 13-a000ng (J1R39EA), Pavilion X360 13-A000NIA, Pavilion X360 13-A000NL, Pavilion X360 13-a000no, Pavilion X360 13-a000no (J1X12EA), Pavilion X360 13-A000NX, Pavilion X360 13-A001NS, Pavilion x360 13-a002au, Pavilion X360 13-A002NO, Pavilion X360 13-A004AU, Pavilion X360 13-A005NF, Pavilion X360 13-A006NA, Pavilion x360 13-a010dx, Pavilion X360 13-A010LA, Pavilion X360 13-a010nr, Pavilion x360 13-a012cl, Pavilion x360 13-a012dx, Pavilion x360 13-a013cl, Pavilion X360 13-A019WM, Pavilion X360 13-A020ND, Pavilion X360 13-A020NR, Pavilion x360 13-a021nr, Pavilion X360 13-A030ND, Pavilion X360 13-A040CA, Pavilion X360 13-a040nz, Pavilion X360 13-A041CA, Pavilion X360 13-A048CA, Pavilion X360 13-A050CA, Pavilion X360 13-A050NB, Pavilion X360 13-A050SQ, Pavilion X360 13-a051ng, Pavilion x360 13-a051nr, Pavilion X360 13-A051SR, Pavilion X360 13-A052NA, Pavilion X360 13-A058CA, Pavilion x360 13-a068ca, Pavilion X360 13-A071NG, Pavilion X360 13-A072NR, Pavilion X360 13-A080NA, Pavilion x360 13-a081nr, Pavilion X360 13-A085NO, Pavilion X360 13-A087NO, Pavilion X360 13-A088NO, Pavilion X360 13-A089NO, Pavilion X360 13-A090SA, Pavilion x360 13-a091nr, Pavilion X360 13-A092SA, Pavilion X360 13-A093NA, Pavilion X360 13-a100, Pavilion X360 13-A100NA, Pavilion X360 13-A100NE, Pavilion X360 13-a100ng, Pavilion X360 13-a100ng (K0W85EA), Pavilion X360 13-A100NIA, Pavilion X360 13-A100NO, Pavilion X360 13-A100NQ, Pavilion X360 13-A103NA, Pavilion X360 13-A103NX, Pavilion X360 13-A105NX, Pavilion X360 13-A110DX, Pavilion x360 13-a113cl, Pavilion X360 13-A120LA, Pavilion X360 13-A133CA, Pavilion X360 13-A136NZ, Pavilion X360 13-A150NC, Pavilion X360 13-a150ng, Pavilion X360 13-a150ng( L0M48EA), Pavilion X360 13-A150NR, Pavilion X360 13-A151NC, Pavilion X360 13-A155CL, Pavilion X360 13-a173ng, Pavilion X360 13-a173ng( K5E91EA), Pavilion X360 13-A185NO, Pavilion X360 13-A186NO, Pavilion X360 13-A187NO, Pavilion X360 13-a200, Pavilion X360 13-a200ng, Pavilion X360 13-a200ng(L0M49EA), Pavilion X360 13-A200NS, Pavilion X360 13-A200NT, Pavilion X360 13-A200NW, Pavilion X360 13-A200NX, Pavilion X360 13-A201NIA, Pavilion X360 13-A201TU, Pavilion X360 13-A202NA, Pavilion X360 13-A202NE, Pavilion X360 13-A203NA, Pavilion X360 13-A206NE, Pavilion X360 13-A221NO, Pavilion X360 13-A317CL, Pavilion x360 13a001au

Package Includes

1 x Replacement HP Laptop Battery

More Information
ColorBlack Color

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