Replacement Battery for Asus B31n1534 ZenBook UX510UX-CN047T 11.4V 48Wh

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Replacement Battery for Asus B31n1534 ZenBook UX510UX-CN047T 11.4V 48Wh


ASUS B31N1534

? High replacement battery is compatible with Laptops for Asus . Power your Laptop with this Excellent Battery.

? You can fine Pay Cheap.6 months warranty.


Battery Type: Li-ion : Li-ion

Voltage: 11.4V

Capatity: 48Wh

Color: black

Compatible Part Numbers :

BX501UX-DM175R, BX510UW, BX510UW-DM097R, BX510UX, BX510UX-CN118R, BX510UX-CN258T, BX510UX-CN261R, BX510UX-CN261T, BX510UX-DM122R, BX510UX-DM198R, BX510UX-DM260R, U5000, U5000U, U5000UQ, U5000UX, U5000UX6200, U5000UX6500, U5000UX7200, UX510, UX510UQ-0091A7200U, UX510UQ-0133B7200U, UX510UW, UX510UW-1A, UX510UW-CN044T, UX510UW-CN048T, UX510UW-CN051T, UX510UW-CN056T, UX510UW-CN058T, UX510UW-CN077T, UX510UW-CN114R, UX510UW-CN142T, UX510UW-CN143R, UX510UW-CN216T, UX510UW-DM066T, UX510UW-DM088T, UX510UW-DM099T, UX510UW-DM100R, UX510UW-DM136T, UX510UW-FI046T, UX510UW-FI050T, UX510UW-FI063T, UX510UW-FI074R, UX510UW-FI095T, UX510UW-FI117T, UX510UW-FI140R, UX510UW-RB71, UX510UX, UX510UX-1A, UX510UX-CN020T-BE, UX510UX-CN044T, UX510UX-CN056T, UX510UX-CN085T, UX510UX-CN095T, UX510UX-CN098T, UX510UX-CN108T, UX510UX-CN120T, UX510UX-CN121T, UX510UX-CN130T, UX510UX-CN173T, UX510UX-CN180T, UX510UX-CN188T, UX510UX-CN204T, UX510UX-CN207T, UX510UX-CN209T, UX510UX-CN211T, UX510UX-CN234R, UX510UX-CN246R, UX510UX-CN253T, UX510UX-CN266T, UX510UX-CN280T, UX510UX-CN298T, UX510UX-DM011T, UX510UX-DM039T, UX510UX-DM066T, UX510UX-DM094T, UX510UX-DM095T, UX510UX-DM102T, UX510UX-DM109T, UX510UX-DM163T, UX510UX-DM165T, UX510UX-DM195T, UX510UX-DM197T, UX510UX-DM203T, UX510UX-DM228T, UX510UX-DM229T, UX510UX-DM242T, UX510UX-DM285T, UX510UX-FI143T, UX510UX-FI144T, Zenbook Pro BX510UX, ZenBook UX510UQ, Zenbook UX510UW, Zenbook UX510UW-CN044T, ZenBook UX510UX, ZenBook UX510UX-CN014T, ZenBook UX510UX-CN020T, ZenBook UX510UX-CN044T, ZenBook UX510UX-CN047T, ZenBook UX510UX-CN179T, ZenBook UX510UX-CN216T

Package Content:

1 * B31N1534 48Wh Battery for Asus Zenbook UX510UW UX510UQ UX510U

Package Contents:

- 1x battery

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