Replacement? laptop battery? for Asus A42-k56 4400mah

Replacement? laptop battery? for Asus A42-k56 4400mah
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Asus Laptop Battery,

Replacement� laptop battery� for Asus A42-k56 4400mah

A42-K56 A46, K56, R405, R550, S40, V550

Capacity: 4400mAh

Voltage: 14.8V

Type: Li-ion battery

Component: 4�cells

Color: Black

Compatible Part Numbers:

A31-K56, A32-K56, A41-K56, A42-K56

Compatible Models:

Asus A46, A46C, A46CA, A46CM, A46E, A46SV, A46SV-WX039D, A56, A56C, A56CA, A56CM, K46, K46C, K46CA, K46CM, K56, K56C, K56CA, K56CM, S46, S46C, S46CA, S46CM, S56, S56C, S56CA, S56CM, S405, S405C, S405CA, S405CM, S505, S505C, S505CA, S505CM, S505CM-XX188H, S505CM-XX189P

Package includes:

1 X Asus A42-K56 Replacement Battery

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