Replacement Laptop Battery For Fujitsu Li3710, SQU-809

Replacement Laptop Battery For Fujitsu Li3710, SQU-809
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Laptop Battery for Fujitsu Li3710, SQU-809 battery


Condition: Brand New

Battery Type :Li-Ion

Voltage : 11.1 V Is Compatible With 10.8V

Capacity:4400 Mah

Brand: Unbranded /Oem

Compatible Models.

Fujitsu-Siemens: Amilo Li3710 Li3910 Li3560 Pi3560 Pi3660


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Compatible Part Numbers

Squ-701, Dhr504/Pb2Q-4-24, Dhr503, Ak2Q-4-20, 2C.20990.001,

Squ-809-F01 Squ-809-F02 3Ur18650-2-T0182

Squ-712, Squ-714, Pe1-4-22, 916C7620F

Package includes:

1x Laptop Battery

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