Replacement Laptop Battery For Gateway W35044LB, SQU-715

Replacement Laptop Battery For Gateway W35044LB, SQU-715
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Voltage: 11.1V

Capacity: 5200mah 58Wh

Brand: Replacement battery

Number of Cells: 6

Gateway SQU-715


Compatible laptop model

Gateway T-6308c

Gateway T-6311

Gateway T-6801m

Gateway T-6802m

Gateway T-6815

Gateway T-6815h

Gateway T-6816

Gateway T-6816h

Gateway T-6817c

Gateway T-6818c

Gateway T-6819c

Gateway T-6820c

Gateway T-6821c

Gateway T-6822c

Gateway T-6823c

Gateway T6300

Gateway T-6800

Gateway T-1616

Gateway T-1620

Gateway T-1621

Gateway T-1622

Gateway T-1625

Gateway T-1600

Gateway P-6301

Gateway P-6302

Gateway P-6822

Gateway P-6825

Gateway P-170

Gateway P-6300

Gateway M-1408j

Gateway M-1615

Gateway M-150

Gateway M-1400

Gateway M-1600

Gateway M-6829b

Gateway M6300

Gateway M6700

Gateway M-6800

Gateway M-6828b

Gateway M-1617

Gateway M-1618

Gateway M-1618N

Gateway M-1618R

Gateway M-1619j

Gateway M-6305

Gateway M-6307

Gateway M-6308

Gateway M-6801m

Gateway M-6802m

Gateway M-6803m

Gateway M-6804m

Gateway M-6808m

Gateway M-6815

Gateway M-6816

Gateway M-6817

Gateway M-6821b

Gateway M-6822

Gateway M-6823

Gateway M-6823a

Gateway M-6824

Gateway M-6825j

Gateway M-6826j

Gateway M-6827j

Compatible Battery models






Package includes:

1x Laptop Battery

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ColorBlack Color

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