Replacement laptop battery for HP ENVY 4-1007TX, EL04XL

Replacement laptop battery for HP ENVY 4-1007TX, EL04XL
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HP Laptop Battery,

Laptop Battery for HP ENVY 4-1007TX, EL04XL, HSTNN-IB3R battery

Compatible models

4-1000, 4-1001TU NB PC, 4-1001tx, 4-1001TX NB PC, 4-1002TU NB PC, 4-1002TX NB PC, 4-1003TU NB PC, 4-1003TX NB PC, 4-1004TU NB PC, 4-1004TX NB PC, 4-1005TU NB PC, 4-1005TX NB PC, 4-1006TX NB PC, 4-1007TU NB PC, 4-1007TX NB PC, 4-1008TU NB PC, 4-1008TX, 4-1008TX NB PC, 4-1009TU NB PC, 4-1009tx, 4-1009TX NB PC, 4-1010TU NB PC, 4-1010TX NB PC, 4-1011TU NB PC, 4-1011TX NB PC

HP Envy Sleekbook, SLEEKBOOK PC 4-1005XX, SLEEKBOOK PC 4-1043CL

Original Part Numbers

681879-171, 681879-1C1, 681879-541, 681949-001, EL04XL, HSTNN-IB3R, HSTNN-UB3R, TPN-C102

Package includes:

1x Laptop Battery

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