Replacement Laptop Battery For IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad R60 R60e T60 T60p

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Replacement Laptop Battery For IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad R60 R60e T60 T60p
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Lenovo Laptop Battery,

4400mah 6 cells Replacement Laptop Battery For IBM ThinkPad R60 R60e T60 T60p Lenovo ThinkPad R500 T500 W500 laptop battery


1. Our batteries are manufactured to the highest standards to power up your laptop for a long period of time without having to charge the laptop frequently.
2. We source from suppliers with over 10 years of experience to make sure we are supplying you, our valued customer the best battery ensuring your absolute peace of mind.
3. Using advanced cell technology and quality parts, the Notebook Laptop Battery guarantees the stamina you need for long work sessions and travel.
4. Manufactured to the highest quality standards available, our notebook Laptop Battery will enhance the performance of your laptop.
5. Our notebook laptop Battery is powered by high quality cells and are premium quality Lithium ion batteries.
6. Our replacement laptop batteries are manufactured to OEM specifications ensuring the operational stability of your valued laptop.


  • · Type: Li-Ion
  • · Compatible Brand: Lenovo
  • · Battery Capacity: 4400mAh
  • · Battery Voltage: 11.1V/10.8V
  • · Model Number: 92P1139, 92P1141 ThinkPad T60 T60p T61p
  • · Package: Yes
  • · Battery Label capacity: 4400mAh
  • · Battery real charge capacity: 4200-4800mAh

Compatible part number



Compatible Models

FOR IBM ThinkPad T60 Series

T60 1951,T60 1952,T60 1953,T60 1954,T60 1955,T60 1956,T60 2007,T60 2008,T60 2009,T60 2613,T60 2623,T60 2637

FOR IBM ThinkPad T60p Series

T60p 1951,T60p 1952,T60p 1953,T60p 1954,T60p 1955,T60p 1956,T60p 2007,T60p 2008,T60p 2009,T60p 2613,T60p 2623,T60p 2637

FOR IBM ThinkPad T61p Series

FOR IBM ThinkPad R60 Series

R60 9455,R60 9456,R60 9457,R60 9458,R60 9459,R60 9460,R60 9461,R60 9462,R60 9463

R60 9464

FOR IBM ThinkPad R60e Series

R60e 0656,R60e 0657,R60e 0658,R60e 0659

FOR IBM ThinkPad Z60m Series

Z60m 2529,Z60m 2530,Z60m 2531,Z60m 2532

FOR IBM ThinkPad Z61e Series

Z61e,Z61e 0672,Z61e 0673,Z61e 0674,Z61e 9450,Z61e 9451,Z61e 9452,Z61e 9453

FOR IBM ThinkPad Z61m Series

Z61m,Z61m 0672,Z61m 0673,Z61m 0674,Z61m 9450,Z61m 9451,Z61m 9452,Z61m 9453

FOR IBM ThinkPad Z61p Series

Z61p,Z61p 0672,Z61p 0673,Z61p 0674,Z61p 9450,Z61p 9451,Z61p 9452,Z61p 9453


Package includes:
1 X Replacement Battery

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