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Innevi Tech


Pretoria, South Africa
Joined since Dec 21, 2023



Opening Hours

Mon - Fri:   08:30 - 17:30
Saturdays:   Closed


  Game Console Repair
  Game Console Parts

Strategic Intent


To help businesses grow by saving them costs and providing them with reliable repair parts.




To be the business partner of choice in Africa when it comes to looking for electronic repair parts and support. 




We will achieve our vision through ensuring that electronic parts offered in Africa are affordable and reliable and that can be bought with trust together with ensuring that businesses have the confidence that Innevi-Tech is not just a supplier but a business partner offering unique and loyal support to any business in Africa.


The Innevi-Tech Pillars of Strength


1. Showing each business the respect and attention they deserve in order for them achieve business growth.


2. Giving each business the assurance that they can transact with peace of mind without the risk of being scammed or be given a bad deal, helping them not to spend time on worries, but on achieving results.


3. To be an extension of every business in order to help Africa achieve the success it deserves.

The Innevi-Tech Story


Innevi-Tech was born in 2020 with the passion to identify and help humble South Africans with electronic skills, supplying them with repair parts and innovative technologies.


Innevi-Tech has since been a part of many reputable businesses all over the country, gaining their trust and providing them with quality electronic repair parts to ensure they keep on satisfying their customers.


Africa is filled with many skilled and talented entrepreneurs and Innevi-Tech is dedicated to be their stepping stone into the future.

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