SONY RM-PJ8 Projector Remote Control Replacement for SONY VPL DX126 VPL CX275 VPL CH370

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SONY RM-PJ8 Projector Remote Control Replacement for SONY VPL DX126 VPL CX275 VPL CH370
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Replacement Remote Control RM-PJ8 compatible with SONY Projector Remote Control. No programming or setup required. Install 2x AAA batteries and start using immediately. 

Model: RM-PJ8

Please check the button layout of the genuine original remote control that came with your device and ensure it matches the pictures above. 

Compatible Models: 
VPL-CH350 | VPL-CH353 | VPL-CH355 | VPL-CH358 | VPL-CH370 | VPL-CH375 | VPL-CW256 | VPL-CW276 | VPL-CX236 | VPL-CX276 | VPL-DW12276 | VPL-DW1276 | 0 | VPL DW122 | VPL-DW125 | VPL-DW126 | VPL-DW127 | VPL-DX100 | VPL-DX102 | VPL-DX120 | VPL-DX122 | VPL-DX125 | VPL-DX126 | VPL-DX127 | VPL-DX140 | VPL-DX140 | VPL. L-DX142  | VPL-DX145 | VPL-DX146 | VPL-DX147 | VPL-EW225 | VPL-EW226 | VPL-EW235 | VPL-EW245 | VPL-EW246 | VPL-EW255 | VPL-EW275 | VPL-EW276 | VPL-EW2996 | 5 | VPL EW315 | VPL-EW345

Package Includes:
1 × Remote Control

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